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The application of new and emerging technologies offered by BLACKFIRE make many bypassed resources worth taking another look at. Field rejuvenation programs are able to maximize a brownfield’s returns for all stakeholders through appropriate use of capital, technology, expertise and industry best practices.



We believe that the effective application of new and emerging technology in existing conventional plays, onshore USA will deliver over 2 Million BOPD of new production within 5 years.


By bringing together the appropriate expertise, technology and funding required for each unique Oil and Gas Asset, Blackfire will be the recognized partner of choice for rejuvenating conventional, onshore oil and gas assets in the USA.

Who We Are

Eugene Murphy Profile Picture

Eugene Murphy

Eugene has over 30 years of upstream oil and gas experience. His particular skills include corporate venture capital and field development planning.

Whether sitting in the board room or field testing new technology, he always lays out the value proposition for a project and always ensures the project is aligned with the agreed corporate strategy.

Eugene believes that having a clear strategy and ensuring alignment of all stakeholders maximises the probability of a successful outcome for any given project.

Jim Neff  Profile Picture

Jim Neff

Jim has over 30 years of upstream oil and gas experience.  His particular skills include formation evaluation and management of operations.

With a hard earned reputation as an outstanding service provider and team player, Jim has a gift for ensuring the details of a successful operation are identified and executed, while remaining focused on delivering a successful business.

Jim believes in management by objectives and ensuring his team has the training, experience and incentive to deliver as promised.

David Camp Profile Picture

David Camp

David has over 20 years of oil and gas experience. As a serial entrepreneur, his particular skills include business startups and bringing new technology from concept to commercial success.

Whether in multimillion dollar entities or organic startups, his end goal has always been to drive revenues through innovation. The journey has allowed him to work closely with technical groups, investment capital, strategic management, market analysis and financial planning and management.

David believes in leading by example and building not only solid business platforms but solid staff and teams. Effective leadership demands the ability to convey the goal and empower individuals to achieve. 

Chris Prusiecki Profile Picture

Chris Prusiecki

Chris has over 30 years of upstream oil and gas experience. His particular skills include optimization, workflows and risk mitigation.

With a highly analytical, data driven approach to projects, coupled with excellent people skills, Chris has an outstanding track record of identifying key risks and issues facing a project and then mitigating those issues by applying the right technology to optimize their delivery.

Chris believes that successful teams continuously reinvent themselves, and make decisions based on data, not opinion.

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